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Ivan Kozorezov is travel & landscape photographer. He was born in 1988 in Dagestan - beautiful mountain Republic of USSR. Spent seven personal exhibitions, including one foreign in Kathmandu, Nepal. In 2012 Ivan published his first album - "Immersion in the Himalayas". Participated in photo-exhibitions in Moscow (open-air exhibition on Arbat Street and exhibition in Moscow Metro in 2015) and Moscow region.
- Member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers;
- Member of the International Union of Wildlife Photographers (IUWP);
- Member of Russian Geographic Society.
"My main goal - to help the viewer to experience all the mighty power of Nature, show their wild and pristine glory. I want capture the philosophy of Nature, their appealing force and attraction. If anybody would feel the urge to see everything with his own eyes - the purpose of my work is well served. You have to meet the nature in person in order to feel and to enjoy their beauty, and to ultimately test yourself."

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