Unknown and Beautiful Dagestan

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In the South-Eastern Great Caucasus, where mountain ranges come close to the greatest lake on the planet – the Caspian sea, located Dagestan - a country of mountains, a country of languages, "a mountain of languages". Dagestan is known around the world, primarily from his big diversity, dozens of languages and hospitality of his people.

Twilight in valley of river Samur, Southern Dagestan. The Samur river originates in glaciers and mountain springs of the Greater Caucasus mountains. It rises in the northeastern part of Guton Mount at an elevation of 3,648 m (11,969 ft)

The mountains of the great Caucasus range in the low rays of the setting sun

Summer on Gunib plateau, Central Dagestan
Sacred mountain Shalbuzdag (4142 m) at the sunset, Southern Dagestan
Terraces of Central Dagestan
Old destroyed village on the mountains slopes, Southern Dagestan
Sunlight on the mountains slopes, Central Dagestan
Irganay water basin, Central Dagestan
Early morning in valley of river Samur, Southern Dagestan
Panoramic view of Yarudag Plateau, Southern Dagestan
Saltinskaya concave, Central Dagestan
Mountain Shalbuzdag at the sunrise, Southern Dagestan
Yarudag Plateau (3925 m), Southern Dagestan
Sarykum is the hottest place in Dagestan. In summer the temperature on the southern slopes can reach +60 degrees Celsius and sometimes it comes up to + 90 Degrees. In such conditions only typically desert inhabitants such as cobras, ground squirrel, and scorpions can survive.
The height of the dune changes all the time but the average height is 260 meters. It is the highest sandy dune not only in Russia but in Eurasia. Its age is more than several hundred thousands years.
Chirkey reservoir is formed on the Sulak river by the construction of the Chirkei hydroelectric power station, the largest reservoir in the North Caucasus. Dam of Chirkey hydropower station was launched in 1970, the filling of the reservoir completed in 1974. When creating the reservoir was flooded of 3.04 hectares of farmland and transferred 830 buildings. Flooded ancient village of Chirkey and settlement hydrobuilders Friendship. The village of Chirkey was moved higher on the plateau.

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